"i'm still undone, not quite young.
but i still try."

may, twenty-seven, she/her.
white cis lesbian and wine mom. i write fic, collect nendos, have adhd, and can hang. i contain multitudes.
i have a deep loyalty to my friends and absolutely no coherent taste in media whatsoever.
a testimonial from ariel: may is like *kins prompto so hard i astral project into the game and marry ardyn in real*

dnfi you're racist, homophobic, transphobic, a terf/swerf, etc. i also ask that you don't follow me if you're under 21. that's all, man.


currently: proud member of reddie nation (aka yeah it chapter two like...got to me)
overwatch: reaper, r76 ♥, d.va main
star wars: luke skywalker, bb-8
kingdom hearts: axel, seasalt trio
k-pop: snsd, girl groups
tv: succession, barry, hannibal, many more
yakuza: nishiki, majima, nishikiryu

persona: p3, akihiko, yusuke
mcelroys: taz, mbmbam, monfactory
harry potter: draco, remus, mwpp era
final fantasy: xv, vii, ardyn, prompto
asoiaf/got: sansa, theon, margaery
general: jrpgs, true crime, podcasts, animanga, makeup, queer narratives and media, witches, horror, and fashion

my interests change and i hyperfixate often, so this is far from an exhaustive list of things i enjoy. i play a lot of video games and watch a lot of tv/films in particular!! don't hesitate to ask me if i've seen something because usually i have or i'm planning to.


discord: ask
psn/blizzard: ask

don't hesitate to say hi!! i have been told by multiple people that i am (somehow) intimidating, but i'm actually pretty shy and always happy to make new friends.


in all honesty this page just exists because i tweeted that i would add a picture of eddie kaspbrak (gay, asthmatic king and fashion icon) from the 1990 it miniseries to my carrd. so here he is self-medicating after fighting a clown. he is my favorite.

i simply find it fascinating that stephen king took so much coke in the 80s that he literally forgot he, a homophobic baffoon, wrote an entire queer coded story arc. but whatever, he sucks.